The Proof of God’s Existence: & Other Verses on Reason & Faith

The Proof of God’s Existence: & Other Verses on Reason & Faith

List Price: $27.50
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Full Color on White paper
76 pages
Five Epistles in rhymed couplets set in iambic pentameter, including: the Proof of God’s Existence, Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, The Apostle’s Creed, and The Our Father. Illustrations featuring Thomas Cole and others from the Hudson River School and others still. Sampler:

Epistle 1: The Proof of God’s Existence 1 (230 lines).

Ye Gods of Science: Haste!, to reason, fly!
Lest tyrant, Madame Hubris, blind thine eyes.
The Anarch Chance hath sapp’d thy wits.
Hap bangs, self-mintage account not a whit.
Make haste, end affair soiling all thy gains.
Molt cocksure plume, the ordure of big brains.
“For fools rush in where angels fear to tread”.
Let meekness guide thee safely in pride’s stead.
And understand, please, there must needs be here
Much more than objects of sense, matter mere.
Muse on it, thy reflection will assess
Materialism crass guide you’ll soon love less.
If there be doubt, consider please anew,
From gentle censure, this we plead to you:
Here proofs of God’s existence thee to sift,
Which, if no more, persuasion’s burden shift
To ye agnosticks, scepticks, cav’lers still,
We offer the Angelic Doctor’s Bill;
Particulars his, set precis in form,

Hark! Oyez! Lo!: Aquin’s exordium,
His a posterioris, from effect, cause.
When effect’s better perceiv’d than the cause,
We learn causation via consequences.
If effect exist, some cause predispenses.
Here demonstrations quia, five anent:
First Motion, next Efficient Cause present’d,
Necessary and Possibles augment’d,
Perfection and Gradations fourth averr’d,
Intelligent Design he fifth inferr’d.
Neglect we not the other proofs devis’d
Two ontologicals, a prioris.
From Anselm first, and second ala’ Descartes.
From cause to effect reasonings impart
And one from conscience Newman had assay’d
Eight short refreshers that ought you persuade.

* * *

Epistle 2: The Realm of Reason (209 lines).
Epistle 3: The Realm of Faith (236 lines).
Epistle 4: The Realm of Faith (continued) (246 lines).
Epistle 5: The Enemies of Faith (298 lines).

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