Twenty Worst Imposter-Republicans of the 20th Century

A tentative list. Readers are invited to submit their own nominations and rankings.

1. Richard M. (“We are all Keynesians”) Nixon
2. Nelson A. (“Trilateral”) Rockefeller
3. Teddy (“American Century”) Roosevelt
4. Chief Justice Earl (“Ike’s Worst Mistake”) Warren
5. Karl (“Stromboli”) Rove and his Marionette, G.W. (“Pinnochio”) Bush
6. Justice Sandra Day (“Balance Away the Constitution”) O’Conner
7. Newt (“Laptop in Every Lap”) Gingrich
8. Herbert (“Government Intervention the Answer”) Hoover
9. Gerald R. (“No Soviet Domination of East Europe”) Ford
10. Justice Harry (“The Butcher from Rochester”) Blackmun
11. Wendall (Me-Too) Wilkie
12. Thomas (Me-Too-Too) E. Dewey
13. Justice David (“No Opinion”) Souter
14. Justice John Paul (“Crème Brûlée”) Stevens
15. Justice Anthony (“Mystery Passage”) Kennedy
16. Sherman (“Vicuña Coat”)Adams
17. John (“100-Years War”) McCain
18. Harold (“Boy Wonder”) Stassen
19. George (“Read My Lips”) H.W. Bush
20. John (“Silk Stocking”) V. Lindsay, Rudy (“I hate abortion”) Giuliani, and practically every “Republican” politician from the Northeast (“Saw it off, and float it out to sea”), particularly New York.

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