The curtain falls on the Ron Paul campaign and other depressing thoughts

It was inevitable that Ron Paul, the greatest Republican of our time, would not get the nomination of the stupid party; and that it would go instead to the man of his most recent word, Mitt Romney. I had hoped that Dr. Paul could break through the iron curtain that keeps honest men out of the Republican Party. In the alternative, I hoped that he would give up on it and run on a third-party ticket, but it seems that that is probably too late, as Gary Johnson has captured the Libertarian nomination. I shall not be voting for him, as it is reported that, unlike Dr. Paul, he is pro-abortion.

Though I will not vote for Obama I would rather have Obama win again instead of Romney who would give us milquetoast supreme court judges and otherwise wimp out and compromise with the evil party stalwarts like Reid, Pelosi, and the other Pecksniffians who inhabit the fever swamps of the Potomac. It would be far better to bring back Torquemada to begin an Inquisition or a purge of the Republican Party, to root out the pseudos, complete with litmis tests, and to bring it back to its first principles at ground zero.

In the meantime, there are weapons states can use in civil resistance–interposition, nullification, even secession to slow down, or perhaps even stop the madness. And individuals need not walk in lockstep with the unconstitutional edicts issued from Washington. That will take courage, but that’s all we have left. Infiltrating the “system” usually doesn’t work for long, for the infiltrators soon become co-opted by the fetching glamours of Washington–as they “grow in office” and receive the accolades of The Washington Post, The New York Times, and all the other enemies of freedom.

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