Walker’s Victory Draws the Usual “Now Unite Us Leadership” Mush Mush

In typical fashion, The Milwaukee Journal cries out:

“Our View | The Recall Election

Walker’s challenge: to bring Wisconsin together

The Journal: “Most of all, we call on Walker to show leadership. To us, that means being a governor not just of the majority who supported him Tuesday but of all of Wisconsin. And that means listening to good ideas no matter which end of the political spectrum they come from. It’s time to bring us together.”

Governor: Don’t return the “call”.

Hardly an election passes without that same call for “leadership” on the part of the winner, “leadership” meaning the compromise of principle, “extending the hand of friendship across the aisle”, “growing in office”, and a host of other platitudes and banalities, blah, blah, blah.

One can only hope that Governor Walker pays no attention to these bewitching siren songs beckoning him into the liberal abyss. He should remember the lessons of McCain, Bush, and others who have peddled the watered stock of “I’m a uniter not divider” as a substitute for real leadership.

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