Volume 3: The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed. (Just published)

Volume 3 of 4 available now @


This work is the third of a four-volume treatise. In seven sections, it covers:

—The General Welfare Clause: Mutation of Restraint into Plenary Power

—Federal Commerce Power: Leviathan’s Dragnet

—Necessary and Proper: Any “Expedient” Will Do

—Delegation Run Riot: Exorcism of Separation of Powers and Ordination of Presidential Lawmaking

—Rambo Power Rampant

—The 14th Amendment Amended: Voodoo Jurisdiction

—R.I.P. Federalism

The volume is styled, The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed-A Coroner’s Inquest and Report. ‘Judice’, Latin, a pun, means ‘pertaining to judges’; thus denoting the judicial, Judas-like betrayal of the Constitution. ‘Coroner’s Inquest’ denotes that the work is a study into the death of the Constitution. Your author is the Coroner. He proceeds in the Inquest with the aid of his Coroner’s Jury: Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Story, Locke, and Blackstone.

The work in this volume is a dialogue between the Coroner and his jury on the various parts of the Constitution covered. The jury members answer the Coroner’s questions, for the most part in their own words, drawn from a variety of their written works. Occasionally the Coroner puts words in their mouths; those ‘inventions’ are shown in brackets in the jurors’ answers.

The work is novel, because, to the author’s knowledge, it is the only ‘Constitutional Law’ textbook that collects the wisdom of the framers as the Constitution’s only authoritative sources; it does not, as most Constitutional Law texts do, emphasize court cases as constitutional authority, for more often than not, the courts have only warped the Constitution.

In a broader sense, though, the work is not novel, for it’s only an arrangement of the work already done by the jurors. The author is pleased to say that the work, by and large, is not original thought. Its beauty is that it only revives long-forgotten constitutional ‘discoveries’ as set in the words of the main jurors and some others within ‘interviewed’.

Note to purchasers: For updates to the manuscript, check “Pastoral Republican” @ https://douglassbartley.wordpress.com/

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