The Decalogue of Real Manhood

The Decalogue of Real Manhood

1. Real Men never break their promises unless it is impossible to carry them out.

2. Real Men follow the rule: Honor thy Mother and Father.

3. Real Men always make final decisions in regard to family matters as well as in other matters of importance.

4. Real Men don’t seek to circumvent their fathers by holding private conversations with their mothers. Corollary: Real Men don’t listen to conversations about others not present.

5. Real Men, upset with their fathers, don’t talk with others about the reasons.

6. Real Men stay around home and don’t spend money jet setting on lavish vacations.

7. Real Men don’t simply accept sexual disorders, but work together to save the disordered one from the life and death the disorders entail.

8. Real Men reject trends, fashions, celebrity worship, and, most especially, cultural relativity.

9. Real Men always speak their consciences whenever a precept of Christian morality is attacked or drawn into question. Real Men regard Christ’s teachings and those of His Church as absolutes.

10. Real Men presume the good faith of others until the contrary is proven.

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