Fifth & Sixth Decalogues of Real Manhood

41. Real Men loathe “modern art”.

42. Real Men don’t accept the attempted redefinition of “gay” and “marriage”.

43. Real Men don’t put themselves or their families on public welfare.

44. Real Men never watch Oprah or Ellen. Corollary: Real Men don’t watch much of anything except series like the World at War or documentaries about other Real Men. Real men participate in good works.

45. Real Men never compromise with evil.

46. Real Men sire children.

47. Real Men are eager to talk about religion and politics.

48. Real Men recognise that the right to vote is the least of all human rights.

47. Real Men don’t use cosmetics.

49. Real Men don’t go to shrinks with problems—they go to priests.

50. Real Men don’t drink cocktails with tiny umbrellas in them.

51. Real Men don’t fight or serve in undeclared wars.

52. Real Men don’t send their children to public schools—only parochial or home school.

53. Real Men don’t eat foie gras.

54. Real Men do eat quiche, but only if there is nothing else in the house and then only if based with spinach.

 55. Real Men have brand loyalty.

56. Real Men admire and emulate St. Thos. More and St. John Fisher for resisting at the cost of their lives Henry 8’s loyalty oath and his usurpation of the Church in England.

 57. Real Men regard Harry Truman as a mass murder and war criminal for dropping the A-Bomb on Japan killing some 150,000 people.

 58. Real Men hold in comtempt Earl Warren and FDR for their complicaty in placing Japanese-Americans in camps during WW 2. And also for their separate efforts to destroy the American Constitution.

 59. Real Men prefer shopping in local stores to shopping in Walmart.

 60. Real Men balk at buying goods from China.

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