Second, Third, & Fourth Decalogues of Real Manhood

For the first Decalogue, see

11. Real Men always want to be the first to admit to and correct their mistakes and injustices.

12. Save only for their wives, Real Men avert their eyes from an undressed or underdressed woman. Corollary: Real Men don’t buy or gawk at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and don’t claim to buy Playboy for the articles.

13. Real Men shun corporate politics.

14. Real Men don’t stay late at the office except in a true emergency.

15. Real Men don’t obey unlawful orders or laws—they resist.

16. Real Men don’t vote for the lesser of two evils or, as someone else put it, the evil of two lessers.

17. Real Men respect unborn life and picket traffic at abortuaries.

18. Real Men don’t put  their mothers or fathers in nursing homes.

19. Real Men don’t watch sitcoms, reality TV, or most everything offered by Hollywood, with one exception being the “A-Team”.

20. Real Men avoid novels except classics which have withstood the test of time or except those others which portray characters heroic in their deeds.

21. Real Men would rather live in a house of sorrow than a house of mirth.

22. Real Men don’t use Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, or Horoscopes, nor do they ever attend séances or dabble in the Occult.

23.  Real Men never “surf” the Internet.

24. Real Men don’t kill animals for sport.

25. Real Men don’t say “Have a nice day”, and when someone says that to a Real Man, he replies, “Sorry, I have other plans.”

26. Real Men don’t wear toupees, fake chest hair, or earrings.

27. Real Men don’t gamble.

28. Real Men don’t emote to others.

29.  Real Men don’t take “recreational drugs”.

30. Real Men worry mostly about the state of their eternal souls.

31. Real Men are not gourmands.

32. Real Men don’t thirst for knowledge for its own sake, but only for the sake of benefiting mankind.

33. Real Men understand that knowledge is subservient to the wisdom of the ages.

 34. Real Men understanding that trendy, new moral philosophies are almost always morally-bankrupt.

 35. Real Men understand the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and the principle that any “law” violating either is utterly null and void.

 36. Real Men recognise that the Framers of each knew far more about the dynamics of human relations than the “savants” of today.

 37. Real Men don’t say “Happy Holidays” at Christmas time.

 38. Real Men are direct in their speech and writing; and don’t use qualifiers like “rather”, “sort of”, or the like.

 39. With rare exceptions Real Men don’t read the editorial pages of the New York Times or Washington Post.

 40. Real Men think often of the deceased especially of their mothers and fathers.

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