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“Words are like leaves, and where they most abound,
Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found.”—Alexander Pope
The aim below, tis’ my wish and my hope:
Comply with the decree of Master Pope,
And squander not words, nor waste precious time,
And blight not Doctrine put to verse and rhyme.
For Canons ought not the foolish to bear;
So, please God, as I write this prayer,
Give content, balance, junction to each part,
And let faith be enhanc’d by reason’s art.

The table is divided into three parts: 1. Posts relating to the treatise on the Constitution, The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed; 2. Articles concerning the Catholic Church, current and historical; and 3. Illustrations

1. Posts relating to the treatise: The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed: A Coroner’s Inquest & Report

Prologue: The Day the Constitution Died

Précis for Volumes 1-4 The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed: A Coroner’s Inquest & Report

Constitutional Law Hotline: Page for questions, comments, insights, and (I hope) few criticisms

The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed–Table of Contents for Volumes 1-4

Volume 3: The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed. (Just published)

Radio broadcast on my book, The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed

The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed: Publication Information

Preface to The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed: A Coroner’s Inquest & Report (Vol. 1)

Endnotes to Volume 1, The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed

Endnotes to Volume 2, The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed

Best books and links on the real, unadulterated Constitution

Treatise on Constitution Dedicated to Dr. Ron Paul

The Kiss of Judice: Updates and Errata

A Writer’s Prayer Adapted From . . .

2. Articles concerning the Catholic Church, current and historical

Dolan Says Church Should Be More Welcoming of Gays

Verses on the Creed and Christ’s Ransom of Mankind

The Proof of God’s Existence: & Other Verses on Reason & Faith

On birth control . . .

Holy Mother of Mercy, Save Our Faith

A Confusion of Tongues at the Supreme Court

Extreme Humility? Display? Ostentation?

The Proof of God’s Existence & Other Verses on Reason & Faith

The Proof of God’s Existence: & Other Verses on Reason & Faith

St. Edmund Campion, “In these dark times, may he avail us”, by Msgr. Knox

Excerpts from Parochial and Plain Sermons, By Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman

A mackeral rotting in the moonlight

Francis: Atheists . . . can be “precious allies” . . .

Francis, the Protean Pope, bows to Mugabe, kisses feet of prisoners

Pope Francis, the protean Pope, spoke of being ‘dazzled’ by girl, possible change of celibacy rule

Three dishearting news reports on Francis, the Protean Pope

The Proof of God’s Existence: & Other Verses on Reason & Faith

“Cardinal” Dolan Breaks Bread with Pal

Whoa! Uno Momento? Liturgical Aberations of New Pope! October 15, 2011.

The Vanity of Human Wishes

Habemus Papam

Facing Torture and Death Nobly—The Courage of Sts. More and Fisher.

Facing Torture and Death Nobly—The Courage of Sts. More and Fisher.

King James given post-mortem sex change operation

Fifth & Sixth Decalogues of Real Manhood

Second, Third, & Fourth Decalogues of Real Manhood

The Decalogue of Real Manhood

The Impossibility of Homosexual Marriage

The coming pandemic of “gay marriage”

Quo Vadis?

Quo Vadis?

Quo Vadis

The Epidemic of “Gay Marriage”

Credo: Volume 1: God & Creation

British Officials Oppose Right to Wear Crucifix at Work

A Writer’s Prayer, by Judge Bartley

A Writer’s Prayer Adapted From . . .

A Writer’s Prayer

Happy 300th Birthday, Dr. Johnson, Anglican Defender of the (Catholic) Faith

Escape from the Prison of “I”

The Principles of Natural Law Never Change

3. Illustrations

Roe v. Wade: Worst decision ever

Nature of government and elections

Federal Flood Insurance Unconstitutional?

Bad political news of the day

Now is the time for all real Republicans to become 3rd party tertium quids

Time for McCain et al to Caucus with the Democrats

§13.18 The meaning of ‘necessary’; the meaning of ‘proper’

Mackerel Rotting in the Moonlight?

“Perfidious Agents Who Dare Violate the Constitution” = Obama, Biden, Romney, & Ryan

Dump Romney Pronto


Shoot If You Must this Old Gray Head . . . . . But Spare Your Country’s Flag

Stolen Valour Act: Unconstitutional because not an enumerated federal crime

Chief Justice John Roberts and the Affordable Health Care Act: Both Anathema to the Constitution

Endorsing evil is of itself evil

Tommy G. Thompson & the Anatomy of a Political Murder

Tommy G. Thompson: An Extraordinarily Mediocre Man . . .

FDR makes U.S. a collection agency for Stalin

The curtain falls on the Ron Paul campaign and other depressing thoughts

Romney et al: Men of their most recent word

Torturing the “Necessary and Proper” Clause-Part 2

The Louisiana Purchase was Constitutional

Torturing the “Necessary and Proper” Clause

How to understand the Constitution

The United States are not a nation, but a federation of nation states (Parts 1 & 2)

The gracious, the noble Dr. Ron Paul wants to save the Republican Party

A treasury of Jefferson quotes on the Constitution

The mystery of the two 13th Amendments

Are taxes involuntary servitude?

The Supreme Court has no appellate jurisdiction over state courts

Frothingham v. Mellon and other cases denying taxpayer standing are unconstitutional

The Libertarian Constitution trumps Libertarian theory–whether on flag burning or other matters

Wisconsin Court of Appeals’ ruling that American Flag may be used as toilet paper

Supreme Court’s Decision Allowing Minors to Buy Violent Video Games is Unconstitutional

Old Glory, R.I.P.

Roe v. Wade: Worst decision ever

The impossibility of striking down Obamacare without first reversing many, many, ignorant supreme court decisions

What is an impeachable offense?

The U.S. issuance of paper money is unconstitutional

Hamilton: the False Federalist

How the federal banksters got their foothold

Hamilton’s opinion supporting the National Bank is unconstitutional–the debate with Mr. Jefferson

Mr. Jefferson’s opinion on the constitutionality of a national bank (1791)

The argument that ObamaCare is a valid exercise of the Federal Commerce Power is preposterous.

Common error is never law, even when repeated many times

The 14th Amendment “Incorporation Cases” Violate the 10th and are Unconstitutional

Employers’ Federal Withholding Tax Duties are Unconstitutional

As to Employees, Federal Withholding Taxes are Unconstitutional

America’s Premier Welfare Queen: Bud Selig, Commissioner of Baseball

The Modern Solution to Clearing Out Backlogs in Court Calenders

The Court’s Assault on Contract

The Legal Tender (Paper Money) Cases are Unconstitutional

The Federal Government’s Ownership of “National Parks” and the Like is Unconstitutional

Can validly-enacted constitutional amendments ever be unconstitutional?

How to determine the legitimacy of claimed federal power

The Supreme Court: “A subtle corps of sappers and miners . . . .”— Mr. Jefferson

Fun, Fun, Fun: Sue Sues the United States for Tax Overcollections

The Principles of Natural Law Never Change

Splendid article on the Constitution in The American Conservative

Synopsis of Federal Judicial Power

Tightrope of RINO half-truths (click control + to enlarge)

The Meaning of “All Men are Created Equal”

The Ultimate Tax Protest

Best Supreme Court Justice?

Modern Republican Motto

The Last Real Republican and His Supernatural “Super-Pac”

5th, 9th, & 14th Amendments of the Constitution, by Themselves, Protect Unborn Life

How the Media (Dis)counts Ron Paul Votes

Why are there so many (save one) bad candidates?

Benton’s announcement [“no third party run”] takes away Dr. Paul’s leverage . . .

Mitt, the Severe Conservative

Twenty Worst Imposter-Republicans of the 20th Century

Why Few Lawyers Know Much About the Constitution

Who says the end of Civilization isn’t near? It’s here

Imperium in Imperio–The Old Republic–Gone for Good

Doctor vs. Colossus

“Constitutional” Apostasy

Red Ink Catastrophe

Rick’s and Arlen’s Love Affair

Duty of Interposition–a Synopsis of Madison’s Report of 1799 on the Virginia Resolutions

The most compelling news of the day

The Man Who Anticipated Ron Paul

Ron Paul Wins Debate Olympics

Federal Commerce Power: Leviathan’s Dragnet

Alabama Supreme Court Rejects Roe v. Wade

How Long Until Indiana Girl Scouts Begin Selling Condoms instead of Cookies?

Time to end Republican campaign and get third party movement underway?

Alabama Supreme Court defies U.S. Supreme Court

Good Men are Always Being Sacked

Error in “Synopsis of Federal Judicial Power – Notes to Table”

Synopsis of Federal Judicial Power

Madison’s Report of 1799 on the Virginia Resolutions (With Synopsis)

Any presidential action to evade the debt ceiling would be unconstitutional

The Gold Clause Cases are Unconstitutional

“What the constitution ought to be is not a proper argument to be addressed either to this or the United States’ court—What it is, is the present inquiry.”—Mr. Williams for Virginia

The U.S. Supreme Court Has No More Jurisdiction Over State Courts Than It Has Over the Courts of Calcutta-Judge Spenser Roane

Torturing Jeffersonian Ideal of Religious Liberty (longer version)

Shoot If You Must this Old Gray Head . . .

Liberals Torture Jefferson’s Views on Religious Freedom

Worst Court Decisions Series: Example 1 Wisconsin Supreme Court: The American Flag can be Used as Toilet Paper!

Remembering Marybeth d/o/d 1983

Most Penetrating Comment on the Kennedy Funeral . . .

Most Deeply Ironic Comment on the Kennedy Funeral.

“All wonder is the effect of novelty upon ignorance.—Johnson”

“The United States are not a nation.” A conversation with the original pastoral republicans.

Twenty Worst Imposter-Republicans of the 20th Century.

The General Welfare Clause: How a Constitutional Restraint Was Transformed Into a Constitutional Power.


The Terminal Constitution

Law School Daze

What have you given us, Dr. Franklin?

Special for Taxpayers: The Court of No Resort

“The Other Enviromental Catastrophe”

Mom’s Home-Grown Wheat Bread Sucked into Interstate Commerce Jetstream

Wisconsin’s Most-Elegant Welfare Queen

The Anomalies of “Constitutional Law”

The “Sick Chicken” Caper

Arizona: Render to Caesar No More

Blast from the Past: 2008 Tommies

Supreme Court to Taxpayers: “You have no leg to stand on.”

Zeno’s Flying Arrow Paradox: Will Dr. Paul’s Arrow Move to its Target

Robbing Peter to Pay Peter

Roe v. Wade: Villains and Heroes

Will Dr. Paul win Ann Coulter’s Vote in 2012?

How Ron Paul Won Yucca County in 2008

McCain reaches across the aisle

Neo-Con Carrion Feast

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