Verses on the Creed and Christ’s Ransom of Mankind

Here’s my attempt at capturing poetically (couplets in rhymed iambic pentameter) the beauty of the Holy Trinity and, on the occasion of Holy Week, the sacrificial ransoming of man by Christ. (More on the five epistles which make up 1000 or so lines of the whole poem part of which is shown in another post @ ) The Table of Contents for all of “Pastoral Republican” is found @

ChristThe Articles of Faith―The Creed 76.

In God, Almighty Father I believe, 77.

Creator Heaven and the earth I cleave. 78.

And Jesus Christ, His only Son, Logos, 79.

Became incarnate by the Holy Ghost. 80.

To blessed Virgin Mary He was born. 81.

And under Pontius Pilate crown’d with thorn. 82.

Was crucified, died, and then laid away. 83.

Descend’d into Hell and on the third day, 84.

Rose from the dead according to Scripture; 85.

To heaven soar’d He, Prince, our blest Savior, 86.

Where sitteth He at God the Father’s right 87.

Among the saints and angels starry bright. 88.

Thence He shall judge both the quick and the

dead. 89.

And in the Holy Ghost, dove overspread. 90.

And I believe in the Church genuine, 91.

Communion of saints, and reprieve of sin. 92.

The resurrection of the body then 93.

And the life of the world to come―Amen. 94

His Mission 125.

IHESUS our expiation, our ransom; 126.

God sent God-man for bloody Martyrdom, 127.

God’s own atonement for the sins of Man, 128.

Who tabl’d with sinners and publicans! 129.

“Sin no more” the adultress He forgave! 130.

For true to his name, “Jesus” is “God saves”! 131.

And temple from, The Lamb! drove fleecers fro! 132.

And chairs and tables, He did overthrow! 133.

Lamb of God and Good Shepard both at once! 134.

And Pharisees and Scribes He did affront, 135.

This Lion, the Messiah, Prince of Peace, 136.

The Blessed carpenter, man’s battlepiece. 137.

Anoited and anoiter each be He, 138.

Christ, mankind’s only true felicity. 139.

Kyrie Eleison, the Lord had mercy, 140.

Christe Eleison, Christ was His mercy. 141.

Then, now, and evermore our Advocate, 142.

Redeemer foretold, He does manumit 143.

Us from the fomes, slavery of sin. 144.

Bliss ours if we abide His discipline: 145.

“Take up my yoke upon you, learn of me” 146.

For I am meekness and humility 147.

In me you’ll find calm to your soul’s delight 148.

“For my yoke is sweet and my burden light” 149.

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