Dolan Says Church Should Be More Welcoming of Gays


Of course, the Church should welcome everyone who is sincere in seeking the beauties of the faith. And he did say that  “But we also know that God has told us that the way to happiness, that — especially when it comes to sexual love — that is intended only for a man and woman in marriage, where children can come about naturally.”

But here’s another part of what he said:

“The cardinal acknowledged that the church had a problem staying relevant: ‘How to remain faithful to what we believe are God-given, revealed, settled, unchanging principles without losing our people, who more and more question them.’

The number of people questioning Church principle is no cause for alarm or for change of immutable truths. And,  I might add, the main reason people question church principles, I submit, is that those principles have been watered down by the liberal and modernist theologians and priests who still have great sway and leeway in the parishes and in the Vatican. Catholics are rightly confused when they observe pro-aborts like Biden and Pelosi being allowed communion in spite of Canon Law.

“’I think what we can’t tamper with what God has revealed,’ he added. But, he said, ‘we can try to do better in the way we present them with more credibility and in a more compelling way.’”

What way of presentation Cardinal Dolan would seek was not mentioned in the article; aye there’s the rub. Platitudes about presentation, credibility, blah, blah, are easy throw-away lines.

And certainly the Church authorities lost their way in all of the priestly homosexual-pedophile outrages.

The article concluded one this worrisome note:

During Easter Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, Cardinal Dolan hinted at more sweeping changes. And he hailed a rebirth of the church as Pope Francis celebrated his first Easter Mass in St. Peter’s Square.

“The church, with a capital C, is undergoing renewal, repair, resurrection,” he said. “I kind of think we’re seeing it today in a particularly fresh and new way with our beloved new Holy Father.”

The new Holy Father’s “particularly fresh and new way” is very discouraging. In reality, it is the old way, the bad seed, planted by the “spirit of Vatican II.

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