Francis and the Scourge of Doublespeak

May 19, 2013: “Francis urged his church to be more welcoming and avoid closing in on itself. But he warned that faithful should avoid ‘dangerous parallel paths’ outside of doctrine.” .

The statement reflects the usual doublespeak of Francis; and reminds me of the Dolanism I spoke of @ . Pope Benedict, we hardly knew ye.

Quite to the contrary, we must first purge those whose modernism, liberalism, and relativism have tried to bring Holy Mother Church into Protestantism or worse; and the purge ought include not only clericals but also laity (like abortionist politicians and others who reject the absolute truths she stands for).

Perhaps it’s time for a new Inquistition. There are too many rotten apples in the barrel. Hardly anyone, it is widely reported, goes to confession anymore. The number of “Catholics” who use birth control, it is also widely reported, is immense.  As Bishop Sheen once said, [paraphrasing] those who support or use birth control believe neither in birth, nor control.

The Church, as Wm. F. Buckley once said of conservatism, should be “standing athwart history, yelling stop!”

Torquemada, please call your office.

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