Francis Deplores The Church Triumphant

It seems that semi-weekly on average, Francis continues to chip away principle sometimes with equivocation and others with the sledge hammer of misrepresentation. Last week, he embraced the Atheists. Here’s the latest episode, this time on the Church Triumphant:

“Triumphalism in the Church, impedes the Church. Triumphalism among Christians, impedes Christians. A triumphalist, half-way Church that is a Church that is content with what it is or has, well sorted – well organized – with all its offices, everything in order, everything perfect no? Efficient. But a Church that denies its martyrs, because it does not know that martyrs are needed for Churches’ [sic] the journey towards the Cross. A Church that only thinks about triumphs, successes, does not know that rule of Jesus: the rule of triumph through failure, human failure, the failure of the Cross. And this is a temptation that we all have”.

Fr. Hardin defines “CHURCH TRIUMPHANT” far differently than Francis: The term meansThe Church of all those in heavenly glory who have triumphed over their evil inclinations, the seductions of the world, and the temptations of the evil spirit.”

The related term “CHURCH MILITANT” means, per Fr. Hardin, “The Church on earth, still struggling with sin and temptation, and therefore engaged in warfare (Latin, militia) with the world, the flesh, and the devil.”

As the definitions show, neither term has anything to do with what F. claims-efficiency, half-way, well organized, or impeding Christians.

How much longer will his deconstruction of Church doctrine go on? He is making a mockery of our cherished faith.

A Cruce Salus

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