Trouble Again at Rorate Caeli

Douglass Bartley

4:41 PM (1 hour ago)

to newcatholic
Dear New Catholic:

Will you allow us to go forward with the ideas I posted yesterday and repeat here below?

Judge Bartley:

What I had in mind was our own internal, “investigatory force” to report to the group as a whole on incidents like the one here discussed.

To accomplish that first step, we would need an open page for members to post on matters of suspected doctrinal error, as well as on other delicts.

Then there should be another arm to evaluate and decide, with the assistance of a solid, pro bono canon lawyer, whether a petition should be filed with the appropriate ecclesiastical authority.

If the answer is yes, then we should all chip in to make the case go forward–under the direction of the canon lawyer.

I am inspired by the report Georgetown students and alumni have filed a petition with Cardinal Wuerl to have the institution stripped of its Catholic identity.

02 June, 2013 14:10


New Catholic

4:47 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
Sorry, I’d like that, but discussing with other contributors that idea
has been disallowed. We do not have the legal (canonical and civil)
protection for this, being a mostly anonymous blog.

Thank you for the idea, though.


Douglass Bartley

5:05 PM (50 minutes ago)

to New
Dear New Catholic:

I am disappointed with your answer “No” and also don’t understand the reason given. What is it that we would do that would breach legal protection? And what does anonymity have to do with the matter. Can’t you just insert a disclaimer that the site and its operators don’t necessarily endorse the views of any contributors or commentators?

A Cruce Salus

to New Catholic
I have just read this message: “Blogger Adfero said. OUR comms boxes are for commenting on our posts, not for pushing people towards another blog, self promotion, or personal gain.

Please treat them accordingly.


No Thanks. Adfero deleted not only my proposal but also responses to it from Barbara, Edmund More, and Peccator and possibly others. That is the rudest of treatment, and I ask that the deleted material be restored. His assumptions about pushing, self-promotion, and personal gain are the sort of calumny that demeans the whole operation. I ask for an open-line trial on his outrageous presumptionism.

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