Log of Trashed Comments

Here begins (and ends almost before it started) a log of my comments  trashed by Rorate Caeli and of the articles to which they referred. Many have been lost by my failure to save backups of them. Others have been the subject of articles published here for which see the Blog Table of Contents. So I shall just go forward starting with the ones that were blocked yesterday.

(Added 6/5/13: This post will likely be soon irrelevant, for now it appears that I am banned from Rorate Caeli. (See below) Why I know not. I have asked for reasons, but received only silence in response. At the end (#4. below) are the most recent comments I tried to post and an exchange of messages.

All I have done here and at Rorate was to try to speak the truth, yea, yea, or no, no, without the sugar-coating that even Francis deplored.

I even offered to resign, but that was met with the same silence. One learns that direct speech is not welcome even on a so-called traditional Catholic site.)

1.  6/4/13 From http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2013/06/go-do-your-homework-and-leave-this-to.html

Rorate:  [Headline:] “Go do your homework and leave this to the grown-ups!’

“Instead of anxiously wondering what Pope Francis personally thinks about every liturgical detail, we would do better to get on with the work we ourselves have to do,” [the bishop of Fréjus-Toulon, Dominique Rey] said in a recent interview with Vatican Insider.

 That would be quite fine: if the other 4,000 bishops in the world were like Bp. Rey and, let us be honest, a handful of others.

 With all due respect, it does not seem to be intellectually appropriate to appreciate every single liturgical gesture of Pope Ratzinger and then ignore the “liturgical details” of Pope Bergoglio because “we have work to do”… Signs of the times, signs of the times, we must pay attention to the signs of the times, and cannot be condemned for trying to understand them. 

 Judge Bartley: The Bishop is wrong in implying Francis’s homilies are”liturgical details”. His Homilies contain many departures from the Magisterium, as I have written ad nauseam at my blog . . . . The departures are too serious to call “details”. (spammed)

2. 6/4/13 From http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2013/06/uh-oh-undue-pressure-on-pope-begins.html

Rorate:  [Headline:] Uh-oh, undue pressure on the Pope begins again.

Now, on the new Pope. It seems merely changing the Pope really does not solve the matter of undue pressures, now apparently coming from those close to him.

 Italian gossip website Dagospia (it is a terribly classless page, but widely read in Italy because a small part of its items actually turn out to be true) mentioned yesterday that the Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone, has already tendered his resignation to the Pope (of course), and that the Pope is being pressured to accept it immediately – mostly, Dagospia claims, by the Super-Cardinals of his advisory Council.

It seems hard to believe that much of the situation will change before people return from the August summer vacation – and Father Lombardi, Holy See spokesman, denied the rumors today: “Cardinal Bertone works peacfully, holds his audiences with the Pope, they speak often regarding work matters: we saw him today [yesterday] in the Vatican Basilica along with Pope Francis and will travel with him to Rio de Janeiro in July.”(Globalist.it)

Judge Bartley [Reconstructed from memory]: It would have been better if Bertone had asked Francis for his resignation. (spammed)

3. 6/5/13  Judge Bartley: Today, Francis spoke on two liturgical matters. On the first, he spoke truly, and I was jubilant. On the second, I relapsed into my usual melancholia over his direction of the Church.

The two matters are too long to post here, but they can be seen on my blog. (spammed)

4. Judge Bartley said…
My comments once again trashed for no stated reason.
05 June, 2013 22:51
Adfero said…
We do not allow our comms boxes to become constant advertisements for other blogs.
05 June, 2013 23:02
Judge Bartley: Adfero: Let’s get things straight. You couldn’t be more wrong. I have tried to post the comments here, but more often than not, you have rejected them, for no apparent reason. Among other things, you have accused me of seeking “pecuniary gain”. There is no basis for that, other than your rampant suspicions that I am in this for $$$. That is a lie I guess you will have to live with. Few blogs have any monetary reward, and mine is no exception.I suggest you go to Confession for presuming scandal and for the resulting calumny. Adfero: Are you still here?
06 June, 2013 00:24
Judge Bartley said…
Adfero: Are you still here?
06 June, 2013 00:24
Adfero said…
Yes, i never really leave. Why?
06 June, 2013 00:33OpenID
Judge Bartley: [Repeated comment; trashed.]
Adfero said…
Mr. Bartley I have only spammed your comments that have either attempted to use our site as your launching pad for an investigation, which is absurd on its face, or the ones that over and over tell our readers to visit your blog.Keep insulting me and I’ll simply ban you from commenting altogether.
06 June, 2013 00:55
Judge Bartley: Well, you apparently have the power, but I think not the glory. New Catholic thought the “investigation” was a good idea, but was vetoed by you and other contributors.So if it suits you and the others to suppress my ravings, go ahead. You will have to live with that decision.I remember the old line, “I’ve been kicked out of better places.” But here that should be changed to “I’ve never been kicked out of a better place.” Rorate was, until recently, a joy for me. I wish you continued success in going forward with your mission. (spammed)
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