Vicissitudes of Trying to Post at Rorate Caeli

1. Wrote to Rorate Moderator: “What you published from me (above on the Good, the True, and the beautiful being abandoned) was only an afterthought on a posting divided into two parts ‘Francis Tosses a Rope of Sand to the Faithful’“-not published.

Why I ask? The comment on the Good, etc., does not well stand on its own. [A couple of hours later,  no answer.]

Readers: To see the unpublished commentary, go to Blog Table of Contents under the title above.

2. More: Wrote to Barbara on Rorate:

“Dear Barbara:

I should like to ask where did you find the scandalous material concerning Cardinal Burke, the great man whom I believe should have been elected Pope.

Best wishes,”

Comment trashed

3. More: Sent E-Mail to Rorate Censors: Re: Courtesy

“You told me that I was welcome to post if I followed your rules. I’ve tried several times today following your rules, and all has been blocked. Have you changed the rules again? Would it too much for you to explain?”

See reply below

4. More: A note sent to New Catholic:

Eugene is right.

New Catholic: You wrote: “With the storm less strong at the moment, we will be quite honest: we were not very bothered by the words pronounced by Pope Francis to the religious of CLAR and that we were the first to bring to worldwide attention.”

Question: Who is “we”? By my count, there were far more negative comments about Francis’s latest escapade than positive. I guess you meant “We, the owners of this blog”. But that was not made clear.

What is “not very bothered”? You have said you were “not very bothered” by Francis’s words or by being the first to bring the matter to worldwide attention.

Why, pray, would you be not be very bothered by being the first? One would think that you would be pleased with breaking the news, although you don’t seem to think it was particularly newsworthy.

I always worry about someone who uses “honestly”, “frankly”, or in your case, “quite honest”. How honest is “quite honest”? You sound like a politician.

And when you don’t indicate that explicitly that you are being “honest”, does that mean that what is written is dishonest?

I wrote a point-by-point, critical piece on what Francis said, but your resident censor Adfero, in his peculiarly-arbitrary manner, trashed my remarks, as well as my attempt to inquire of your reader Barbara where she found the scandalous remarks about Cardinal Burke–even after telling me that my comments were welcome. I then wrote Adfero via E-Mail, and he has yet to respond.

If it is your wish to expel me, then please do so in no uncertain terms. But don’t play string-along, accepting here, denying there and there, and so on. Trashed


New Catholic’s E-Mail “answer” to 4. just above:

Mr. Bartley, I was the one who blocked a comment of yours yesterday, for various reasons. There are 5 moderators, not just Adfero.
Thank you for your readership,

Adfero’s “answer”  to 3. above:

I certainly did, with the caveat that you stop pushing your blog. Then you did it again, and said directly to me that you didn’t care about my rules.

You want to post? Stop disrespecting me in my home and stop being a jerk. You want to act like a jerk? Do it on your own blog. I have more important things to tend to.

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