The Good America We Once Knew is On Life Support

Approaching now my 67th observation of July 4th, I post the flag in distress as my meager protest of the events that have occurred in my lifetime.

dISTRESSAs a boy growing up in the 50s, I remember well the excitement in my family and in my neighborhood in anticipation and in observance of the day. But today the excitement and the pride no longer exists for me. The 4th is just another day.

What we have seen since that time is an almost total betrayal of the principles the flag emblemized.

Though the 30’s saw Roosevelt’s destruction of the Constitution—a phenomenon that has continued ever since, although bit-by-bit sometimes unnoticeable, particularly for a young boy naive in the workings of the politicians in Washington.

Later when we reached the 60s, we saw the Supreme Court under Earl Warren, continue the destruction of the Constitution at an almost frantic pace. The pace accelerated with Roe v. Wade and its consequent termination of some 56 million unborn infants. Alongside that atrocity, in the late 60s and early 70s we witnessed the court’s ban on prayer in schools, but the approval of pornography, the Fonda alliance with the Viet Cong along with many other cultural disasters—the rise of feminism, the plague of divorce, the fall of the Church, and most of all, perhaps, the embrace of me-ism, agnosticism, and even atheism, hedonism, relativism, undeclared wars, and on and on, ad nauseam.

And later in 1988, came the Supreme Court decision legalizing flag desecration. And afterward, the Wisconsin Supreme Court reversed a conviction against an anarchist who had used the flag as a toilet swab.

Later still, we witnessed the court’s legalization of sodomy, and just a few day ago, its approval of the oxymoron of gay marriage.

The only good years I can recall from the last were the Reagan years when that good man tried to buck the tide of the atrophy. Since then the inner enemies of America have transformed the beacon of the America we once knew into a Janus-faced, almost Machiavellian entity.

For those who may wish to understand more about what I have said, please peruse the Blog Table of Contents.

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