Francis Dumps Cardinal Burke from Congregation for Bishops

The news led to ecstasy in  liberal “catholic” circles. Here’s part of the National Catholic Reporter’s coverage of the story:

“Pope Francis realized that we have a problem in the hierarchy of the U.S. and that the problem had a name. Actually, two names: Cardinals Raymond Burke and Justin Rigali. Both of them have been removed from the Congregation for Bishops. Hallelujah.

Cardinals Burke and Rigali represent different types of problems. Burke is the consummate culture warrior and he has encouraged the appointment of men to prominent sees who, like himself, look out at the world and see nothing but dread, who have bought into a narrative in which all the Church’s problems and challenges are someone else’s fault, and that the Gospel is best preached from a defensive crouch, with finger wagging at any and all who do not see the world as they do. I cannot think of a single churchmen who is less like Pope Francis, and the difference goes far beyond Cardinal Burke’s penchant for the cappa magna. Those of us who were disappointed by the appointments in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, and Denver and, most recently, Hartford, could discern the influence of Cardinal Burke – and behind him Cardinals Harvey and Law – in those appointments.”

This was a dreadful day for the Church, as Burke is one of the most militant traditionalists, especially on the subject of denying communion to abortion-supporting politicians. Worse yet is that the sacking of Burke will diminish the changes that he will ever become Pope. One can only hope that he will continue to spearhead the movement for doctrinal purity which has suffered heavy losses from the resignation of Benedict and the ascension of Francis, the latitudinarian Pope.

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