“Bruce Jenner Transitioning To A Woman”

For background, see https://celebrity.yahoo.com/…/bruce-jenner-transitioning-wo…


We’ve all heard the U.S. Army tell us to “Be all that you can be”. Bruce is trying to be more than he can be.

Bruce’s “transition” raises a number of philosophical and practical questions.

Q: When does the transition become complete?

Q: When the transition is complete, does that mean that his/her marriage becomes a same sex marriage? Is it then legal in all states?

Q: If Bruce/Brucellea decides to compete in the Olympics, which division would he/she enter? Men’s, Women’s, Androgynous?

Q: Does his “broad jump” mean that the answer is Women’s?

Q: If he/she competes in Men’s, wouldn’t his/her switch give him an undue advantage in the high hurdles?

Q: And would his/her “wife” be allowed to collect his/her social security?

Bruce: Please say it isn’t so.

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