The Age of the Progressive Era: A Platform for Liberal Socialists from FDR to Obama

Few, I think, know what mischief and damage the “Progressive Era” (1905-1915) inflicted on America. The ideas it proposed became the foundation for FDR’s New Deal and the subsequent federal usurpations of the modern era. Some of the main Progressive Party planks are listed below.

The Age of the Progressive Era

• Principal advocates: Teddy Roosevelt and Robert LaFollette
• Trust Busting
• Government control of railroad rates
• Manifesto of the Industrial Workers of the World
• Right to a living wage
• Direct primaries for the nomination of state and national offices
• Direct election of U.S. Senators
• More expeditious methods for easily amending the Constitution
• Social and industrial reform
• Regulation of interstate corporations
• Cooperation of businesses with the federal government
• Strict limitation of campaign contributions
• Popular review of judicial decisions
• Establish federal department of labor
• No injunctions in labor disputes
• Establish national health service
• Government control over investments
• National highway system
• Establish federal graduated inheritance tax
• Ratify amendment to impose a federal income tax

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