Horrors in the Labs of the Modern Day Mengeles at PP

“It’s a baby.” And then later, “it’s a boy!”

Normally, when you hear these words they are accompanied by cries of joy. But this time, the voice of a Planned Parenthood doctor gives an elated description of displayed harvested organs and limbs from a baby boy killed by an abortion. The elation comes mockingly, as the doctor is examining the body parts to ensure they are of a high enough quality for sale.

The latter half of the video continues…

[ Crackling noises ]

Buyer: Was that crack, the little bits of the skull?

PP Medical Assistant: Mhm.

PP Dr. Grinde: So would you call that intact?

Buyer: These are intact kidneys, yes…

PP Dr. Grinde: Because if I looked at that, I’d be like that’s good to go.

PP Medical Assistant: [ laughs ] Five stars!

– See more at: https://www.conservativereview.com/Commentary/2015/07/if-congress-wont-stand-up-against-planned-parenthood#sthash.RK095PIb.dpuf


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