Seven Ways Pope Francis Slapped Conservatives in the United States

By Ben Shapiro

25 Sep 2015

Many conservatives viewed the prospect of the Pope’s visit to the United States with a mixture of hope and trepidation: hope, because the Pope’s visit would force heavy media coverage of religious issues; trepidation, because of Pope Francis’ mixed record on issues ranging from climate change to illegal immigration.

Conservatives were right to worry.

The Pope’s visit has been an unmitigated boon for the left. Conservative defenders of the Pope will undoubtedly note that he has referred, albeit obliquely, to same-sex marriage and abortion; they will point out that the Pope visited the Little Sisters of the Poor and made veiled reference to religious freedom. They will suggest that the media has done the Pope wrong by focusing on the Pope’s support for leftist causes to the exclusion of his traditionally religious principles.

They’re right, naturally. But the Pope is hardly a political neophyte, unaware of the nature of the media. For years now, we’ve heard that the Pope’s words have been taken out of context, misinterpreted, even mistranslated. During his visit to the United States, the Pope spoke in English, before a joint session of Congress, with the president before the media, at the United Nations, and in New York City and Philadelphia. Over and over, he had the cameras on him. And over and over, he failed to take advantage of the situation to speak truth to power, instead catering to the hard left again and again.

Here are seven ways in which the Pope insulted conservatives during his visit:  See more @

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