Apostate Francis Proclaims God is Mother and Father

Francis: “I prefer to use <the word> tenderness, proper to a mother, the tenderness of God, tenderness born from the paternal insides. God is Father and Mother.”

* * *

Rorate Caeli blog commentary: Regarding the Pope’s description of God as “Father and Mother” – we are on extremely problematic territory here.

It is one thing to use feminine metaphors or imagery to describe God’s actions towards men, or to compare Him and His love to a mother and her love for her offspring (as we sometimes find in Sacred Scrip ture, notably in the Book of Isaias). It is quite another thing to directly refer to Him as “Mother” – something for which there is absolutely no warrant in both Scripture and Tradition.

It is true that a handful of medieval Western devotional authors referred on occasion to God, or Christ, as “Mother”; Julian of Norwich and St. Anselm of Canterbury are the most-cited examples. There is also Pope John Paul I’s reference to God as “He is our father; even more he is our mother”, during one of his audiences, which has remained (until now) an isolated case in the vast body of papal teaching.

Nevertheless, one cannot reach far into the Church’s past, pick isolated instances of a peculiar practice, and use this extremely thin body of evidence to declare that this practice is therefore beyond question. Far more powerful is the fact that the Church has never referred to God as “Mother” in her liturgies, her creeds, and her doctrinal documents, not to speak of the overwhelming evidence in the practice of Catholics through the centuries of referring to God as “Father” but never as “Mother”. Furthermore the medieval mind is worlds apart from the (post)modern mind; what might have been a harmless idiosyncrasy centuries ago is today a weapon in the hands of modernist, feminist and radical “theologies” that seek to tear apart and destroy the authentic Tradition of the Church.

By adopting this language the Pope, whether he realizes it or not, encourages the many feminists and liberals who have been pushing precisely for God to be addressed as “Mother”, while humiliating the many orthodox Catholics who have spent much effort to block feminist and inclusive language from the liturgy and from spiritual exercises. In the abusively “ultramontane” (or pseudo-ultramontane) atmosphere of the Franciscan papacy, where liberals and their conservative fellow-travelers defend everything that falls from the mouth of Francis as pure orthodoxy, one does not have to be very imaginative to realize how much the enemies of the faith will make use of this erroneous expression. Keep in mind that the Pope affirmed, in this interview, that the Jubilee of Mercy will be an occasion to “rediscover” the “maternity” of God.

 As of late, not a week has passed without an ambiguous or problematic expression coming from the Pope and causing immense confusion and difficulty for the already-besieged, outnumbered, and often-demoralized defenders of Catholic orthodoxy. It would seem that during the Jubilee of Mercy, things are about to get even worse.


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