Obama, the Pusi-llanimous

Fox News analyst Ralph Peters, a retired lieutenant colonel, is something of a human thesaurus for insults aimed at President Obama and his administration. “Inept,” “ineffective” and “cowardly” are among the adjectives he’s used recently. My personal favorite line was delivered in mid-November, when Peters described Secretary of State John Kerry as “about as fierce as a chocolate éclair.”

There are so many delicious layers to that insult. Éclairs get eaten. They seem firm enough on the outside but are actually soft at their core. They can’t handle heat. It’s just a brilliant metaphor, no matter whether you think it’s appropriate in Kerry’s case.

So imagine my disappointment Monday when the same guy who is responsible for that éclair metaphor hit, ahem, below the belt by calling Obama a “total pussy” during an appearance on the Fox Business Network.

“Look, Mr. President, we’re not afraid,” Peters responded, apparently recounting his stream of consciousness during Obama’s address. “We’re angry. We’re pissed off. We’re furious. We want to see you react. We want you to do something. You’re afraid. I mean, this guy is such a total pussy it’s stunning.”

From https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/12/07/a-fox-commentator-just-called-obama/?tid=pm_politics_pop_b

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