Orange County Register Article on Cruz Slammed

Letters: Ted Cruz in control

Re: “For Republican establishment, it’s time to pick your poison” [Opinion, April 10]: I was disappointed, but not surprised, at the recent comments from Carl Cannon. His article made me mad, as does all of the other establishment Republican tripe. He does not seem to understand that all of the other “conservative legislators” he mentions have failed in their elected duties and have been part of the problem. Just look at the last negotiated budget deal as a prime example.

Voters are not looking for someone who will get along and play ball any more. That is a failed process. Ted Cruz has stood up to those jokers and made them mad by fighting “no holds barred.” I applaud him for his efforts, even if it requires shutting down the system for a while to prove a point. We are so far in debt it will take a mighty effort to turn the ship of state around.

We have two choices – Cruz, who is principled and stands for something accountable, or Donald Trump, who stands for Trump. I worry that people are not knowledgeable enough to understand the difference and will just vote for the more bombastic, instead of looking for some substance and accountability. Our issue in the past is that neither Republicans nor Democrats stand for anything except getting re-elected. They have no principles, and thus no accountability. Cannon’s article puts Cruz on the right side of the issues, which is the opposite of all of the establishment legislators he mentions. That is a powerful endorsement for Cruz.

Bruce Boyd

Newport Beach

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