Trump deals Clinton a winning card

By  Opinion writer April 29 at 7:16 PM


* * *

Thus heralding the obvious question: What if Trump were a woman? Imagine a Donna Trump running as a Republican who:

 ●Got her start with more than $1 million from her father’s business, parlayed into billions via four bankruptcies and various business failures.

● Wouldn’t disclose tax returns and donated to numerous Democrats, including Hillary Clinton.

● Ran a university racked by allegations of fraud.

● Imported two of her three husbands from overseas, one of them on a “model” visa, and dumped the second husband days before their prenuptial agreement could hurt her wallet.

●Put her third husband on her plane, naked and handcuffed on a bear rug for a photo shoot she said was “classy.”

● Said her son was so handsome she’d date him if he weren’t her son.

● Said women who had abortions should be punished (if abortion were illegal).

● Knew nothing about foreign policy or even how to pronounce the names of countries.

● Routinely cursed, called people names, demonized her opponents, as well as Mexicans, Muslims and others, and called men dogs, morons and fat slobs.

If Trump were a woman, not only would he not get 5 percent of the vote, but also he would be tarred, feathered, branded and ridden out of town backward on a donkey. Voters male and female would recognize immediately that such a woman was inappropriate, lacking in quality and character, perhaps more than a little crazy — and utterly unqualified to be president of the United States.

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