Stopping Lunatic Trump

A few ideas for the suspended Cruz campaign going forward:

  1. Disclosure of Tax Returns:The Republican National Committee should adopt a rule requiring the candidates to submit their tax returns for the last three or five years. Donald will, of course, object. He will say that his returns are under audit. But that is weak excuse for not submitting the returns, both as originally filed as well as the IRS’s notices concerning the nature and scope of whatever audits and adjustments pertain to the returns.
  2. FBI Background Checks: And, while we’re at it,  why not require each candidate to undergo an FBI background check?
  3. Psychological Testing. Many employers require psychological testing for job applicants. Why not require Republican candidates to undergo the same?

I see no reason why the Republican National Committee couldn’t adopt a rule requiring the testing. As Ted said a while back, “We may wake up some morning and find out that Donald has nuked Denmark.” The man is narcissistic,  unstable,  irresolute, vacillating, protean, cowardly, and terrifying, to name but a few of his traits.

  1. Debates: Because Donald refuses to debate one-on-one with Ted, why not have Ted debate videosof Trump’s idiotic statements, speeches, tweets, interviews, and questions he has never answered. Ted’s organization could compile those videos into a montage to which Ted would reply or rebut and swat them down one-by-one. It would be good, I think, to have at least one moderator and perhaps more. And the debate could either be live on television or replayed in commercials.
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