Co-Wimps of the Week: Ryan & Prebius

House Speaker Paul Ryan inched closer to embracing Donald Trump on Tuesday as he said he backs a poll that reveals Republican voters trust the presumptive GOP presidential candidate more than him to lead their party into the future.

“I hope its Donald Trump. He’s getting the nomination,” Ryan said at a news conference on Tuesday, The Hill reports.

“Good Lord, I hope it is, because the person who is getting the nomination is the person to lead our party.”

RNC’s Reince Priebus on Trump Controversies: ‘People Just Don’t Care’

* * *

“I believe that the American people look at someone like Donald Trump and say, OK, here’s a guy on the outside. Here’s a guy that’s never run for office,” Priebus told ABC’s Jonathan Karl Sunday. “And I just have to tell you, after a year of dealing with this primary, one on one — and you know it’s been a lot — I don’t think the traditional playbook applies, Jon. We’ve been down this road for a year. And it doesn’t apply. He’s rewritten the playbook.”

* * *

When Karl asked if that meant Trump doesn’t have to release his tax returns, Priebus said that would be up to the American people.

“They’re going to have to decide whether that’s a big issue or not,” Priebus said.

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