Pantagruel on Case of Lord Kissbreech vs. Lord Suckfist

Pantagruel undertook to arbitrate the litigation between “Lord Kissbreech, plaintiff of the one side, and . . . Lord Suckfist, defendant of the other, whose controversy was so high and difficult in law that the court of parliament could make nothing of it”  * * *  [When the cousnelllors and attorneys] delivered into his hands the bags wherein were the writs and pancarts concerning the suit, which for bulk and weight were almost enough to load four great coulillard or stoned asses, Pantagruel said unti them, Are the two lords, between whom this debate and process is, yet living?  Upon being told they are alive, “to what a devil, then, said he, serve so many paltry heaps and bundles of papers and copies which you give me?  Is it not better to hear their controversy from their own mouths, whilst they are face to face before us, than to read these vile fopperies, which are nothing but trumperies, deceits, diabolical cozenges of Cepola, pernicious slights and subversions of equity.”

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