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“Words are like leaves, and where they most abound,
Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found.”—Alexander Pope
The aim below, tis’ my wish and my hope:
Comply with the decree of Master Pope,
And squander not words, nor waste precious time,
And blight not Doctrine put to verse and rhyme.
For Canons ought not the foolish to bear;
So, please God, as I write this prayer,
Give content, balance, junction to each part,
And let faith be enhanc’d by reason’s art.—Judge Bartley


My Treatise on the Constitution:

The Kiss of Judice:[1] The Constitution Betrayed. A four-volume, 2600-page treatise.For the Prologue of my treatise on the Constitution, go to Prologue: The Day the Constitution Died

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[1] “Judice” = latin for pertaining to judges.



Aetna to exit healthcare exchanges in 11 states

Blue Shield Of California: Furlough over Obamacare Losses

Groucho Speaks on Restricted Swimming Clubs

Pence = Faustus Trump = Mephistopheles

More Trump Narcissism

RNC Rules Quash Trump Dissenters

Google ♥ Radical Group Black Lives Matter

Death Threats to NRA from “Professor”

Idiots Celebrate Police Death

Dallas Protesters Looting

More Cops Shot in GA and TN

Cruz Buckles?

Cruz blasts ‘political’ FBI over Clinton probe

Rep Trey Gowdy rips into FBI Director James Comey on Hillary Clinton’s ‘intent’

Bimbo’s Yacht Instagram

Clinton misled Congress, under oath, about her emails.

Say It Aint So

Trumps and Clintons: Happy Together

Best Cartoon on Presidential Candidates

Walker, Like Ryan and Priebius, Caves on Trump

Clinton Makes FBI’s Least-Wanted List

The Noodlehead Weiners

Statement by FBI Director James B. Comey on Hillary

Trump ♥ Saddam

Our government is officially a crime syndicate

 Truth About FBI Director Comey

Best Analysis of Hillary

FBI Director Wimps on Hillary

Lyin Jeh Johnson

Media Calls For ‘Ban’ On Old People Voting After Brexit

Federal “Judge” (Posner) says he sees ‘no value’ in studying the Constitution

Obama Bans Single Sex Bathrooms in National Parks

“Brexit” and the Failure of Europe

Perils of Saying “God”

Obama: Sharia Symp

Hillary: Calls Disabled Children “Retards”

Francis Hits Bottom

Obama’s Mass Immigration

Cooper “Journalism”

Trans Mayhem

Bonds < 0% ?

The MacArthur Revival

Time to end all immigration and visas?


Humanities to take beating at St. John’s?

Trump the Chiseler

How to begin to fight Islamic terrorism and ultimately defeat it.

Senate Votes to Require Women to Register for the Draft

Trump Hides Under Hannity Skirts

“Pope” Does Hollywood

Hillary the fashion queen

Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

Leftists Get Naked to Make Points

Price Ryan Has Paid

Agent Orange Threatens David French’s Wife

Paul Ryan: Profile in Cowardice

Impending Modernist Coup at St. John’s College

A German Schism?

Paul Ryan falls for Donald Trump’s con job

15 Reasons Trump Is a Liberal — and a Lunatic Conspiracy Theorist

A Short History of Agent Orange’s Insults

New Moniker for Trump

Trumpism = “Two Bit Caesarism”

 Marco Gelded

How to Waylay Trump

Strategy for Going Forward With Cruz Campaign

“By their fruits, ye shall know them”

Ted should make a major speech before Convention

Meet the Republicans speaking out against Trump

What Were Donald’s Ties to the Mob?

Pope Hails Election of Sadiq Khan, Celebrates Mass Muslim Migration Into Europe

Blithering Idiot Trump says he’s 100% sure of terrorist attack on Egypt airline

Trump, Hillary Most Despised

Andre Iguodala’s no-look layup was insane

Notre Dame’s moral equivalency award

Co-Wimps of the Week: Ryan & Prebius

Trump Satirists at Work

GOP Delegate: Trump Primary Wins ‘Absolutely Irrelevant’ At Convention

How 3rd Party Candidate Can Win

RIP Manuel de la Torre

Lunacy Dancing

Romney Reveals BOMBSHELL Theory About Trump’s Taxes That Could Change Everything “… simply too great a risk to ignore …”

Levin: Obama has Nationalized Our Bathrooms

Obama To Issue Public School Transgender Decree TOMORROW

John McCain Slips in Provision to Draft Women in Defense Bill

Donald Wants Congratulations From Interviewer Before Beginning Interview

Donald Trump believes he is a financial genius, which is a problem

Charlie Sykes Rips Trump as fraud, narcissist, etc.

THE FIRST MODERN MAN: NOT MARX, BUT MONTAIGNE The Gospel of Adjustment, Common Ground & Mediocrity

Trump changes tune on tax hikes for wealthy Americans

Require Mental Health Evaluation for Donald Trump to Continue Campaign for the Presidency

So Many Questions The laws of Logic no longer apply

LYIN’ DON: Trump Just Totally Made Up the Story that he Talked to Marco Rubio Recently

Haugland believes delegates are unbound, even on first ballot

Rubio Compares Trump to 3rd World Strongman

Corker Hearts Trump

Of Course! Trump Wants to Raise Minimum Wage

Donald Trump Thinks Defaulting On US Bonds Is A Good Way To Handle The National Debt

Require Mental Health Evaluation for Donald Trump to Continue Campaign for the Presidency

Petition Seeks to Force Trump to Receive a Mental Evaluation


Exile for conservatives

Trump tells West Virginians not to vote in Tuesday’s primary

Trump on Cruz as vice president: ‘It’s something we can think about’

Paul Ryan: I Cannot Support Donald Trump Yet

Good Article on Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark

Trump DEFENDS linking Ted Cruz’s father with Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald as he claims ‘they didn’t deny’ the two men were photographed together

Shawn Hannity=Shill for Trump

Stopping Lunatic Trump

Cruz on Trump : “Pathological Liar”; “A Narcissist”

Trump Trashes Cruz’s Dad, Cruz Responds

Pimping the Donald – What is Trump’s Relation to Trump Escorts?

Polyamory 101

Trump Chumps Try to Shout Down Cruz

Pontifical Bike Mass: The New Reverence

In case of Trump nomination, break glass

Trump deals Clinton a winning card

Cardinal Burke rebukes Notre Dame for honoring pro-abort Joe Biden

Stopping Trump


Ted Cruz Bio.

AZ Sheriff: 500 Criminal Illegals Have Been Released In My County Alone, Obama ‘Directly Responsible’

Trump Relishes Endorsement by Tough Guy-Rapist Mike Tyson

Hannity Interviews Carly and Ted

Hannity Interviews Carly and Ted

EXCELLENT: Ted Cruz Announces Carly Fiorina As VP Candidate [VIDEO]

Pope’s Latest Release: Jumbled Thinking and “a tediously long and verbose piece of poorly-written and thought-out amateur post-modern-deconstructionist sociology.”


Historical Parallel to 2016 Presidential Race

Trump Temper Flare


Prince and The Cult of Depravity

Lucifer in the flesh’: John Boehner unloads on ‘miserable son of a bitch’ Ted Cruz

John Boehner: I Will Vote For Hillary Clinton Over Ted Cruz

Trump Supporters are Already Threatening Indiana Delegates (VIDEO)

John Boehner: I Will Vote For Hillary Clinton Over Ted Cruz

Trump Supporters are Already Threatening Indiana Delegates (VIDEO)

Why Today’s Romp by Trump Doesn’t Matter

The Kasich Victory Tour Poster

NBA Head Succumbs to Raging PC

Stanford Students Vote to Veto Course on Western Civ.

Cultural Wars

Cruz on Donald’s True Colors

An Early Christmas Gift for Hillary: Virginia Governor Adds 206,000 Ex-Felons to Voter Rolls

Prince Canonized . . .

Trump and the Clintons: Just Past Pals or Friends Forever?

When Fiction is Truth

Donald Goes Stark Raving Nuts on Bathroom Access for TGs

ESPN Fires Curt Schilling for Criticizing Transgenders Invading Ladies’ Rooms

Trump Endorses Transgender’s Bathroom ChoiceTrump’s “Huge Victory” in NY a Ruse

Pope Loses Whatever Sense He Ever Had


Trump Family Values

Top Trump aide lobbied for Pakistani spy front

Buried News Alert: Obama’s Weekend Gitmo Detainee DumpOrange County Register Article on Cruz Slammed

The Left is Coming for You

Nebraska Sen. Sasse: “I voted for Cruz”

The Age of Chivalry is Gone

Ryan, Clone of Boehner, Kills Impeachment of IRS Commissioner

RYNO Ryan Proposes Confiscation of Puerto Rico Bondholders’ Investments

Portrait of a Great American

Human Rights Group Decries ‘Gendercide,’ 200 Million Girls Killed by Sex-Selective Abortions

Let Trump Play the Victim

California Wants to Give Undocumented Immigrants Access to ObamacareThe abortion truth that liberals can’t deny — but try to

Trump Kafka-esque Intimidation of Cruz Delegates

The “Crime” of Climate Change Denial

Dumbest Remark of the Day if not Year

In San Diego, Ted Cruz Cracks Jokes, Excites Crowd, Mocks Protesters

Sheriff Clarke: ‘Best Thing About the Obama Presidency Is That It’s Coming to an End’

After trashing Scott Walker, Trump now floats him as running mate

‘Gestapo tactics’ used to rob Trump, CO voters?

Trump’s Double Standard on Delegate Allocation

Washington Post: Trump, the Philanthropist???

Trump: Colorado delegates for Cruz being bribed.

Donald Trump campaign bungles Washington state GOP outreach

Bikers Run Amok

Kasich, the Ofttimes Liberal

Unhappy Trump Says “The Fix Is In”

Another Voice of “Moderation”: Kasich

Voices of “Moderation” in Trump Camp

Catholic Notre Dame to Honor Joe Biden, Pseudo-Catholic and Radico-Lib

More good news

Levin Dumps Trump for Good

Heretical Pope’s Continuing Deconstruction of Church Doctrine

Anti-Pope Francis to Receive Anti-American Sanders

Trump Takes GOP Down With Him

Another outrageous federal court decision

Trump, the Graceless

The Dead Constitution

Hillary: Get Babies Just Before Birth

A Real Sweetheart of a Rapper

Huma (Mrs. Weiner) Hearts Hillary

NBA Calls for ‘Inclusive Environment’ in Push to Let Males in Ladies’ Room

Trump, the Vulgarian

Conservative Catholics for Cruz

Donald’s fear of real women

Donald: Candidate for psychological testing

Trump, the gutter-snipe

Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz

Commie solidarity

Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke Blasts Protestors

Pediatricians: Transgender Ideology “Child Abuse”

Democracy Is Not Freedom

Obama Cuddles Castros and Che

Ted Cruz’s lengthy credentials

Trump Foundation Donated to LGBT Group that Promotes Homosexuality to Kindergartners

Liberal Harvard Law Prof: Cruz “Brilliant”

Death of a Great Jurist

Trump Action Figure in Action

Albert Bierstadt: The Rockies, Lander’s Peak

Cruz: Drafting Women “Nuts”

Jimmy Carter, the Malaise Man, . . .

After Trashing Cruz for Weeks, Trump Now Says . . .

The Insatiable Transgender Movement

A Brazen Hussy

Trump: Irrational, Mercurial, Draconian, Solipsist

Pope Cozzies Up with Iran’s Dictator . . .

Senator Ben Sasse Asks Trump Five Provocative Questions . . .

Pope to Celebrate Disastrous Protestant Reformation: “Shipwreck” of Christendom–Belloc

Trump Would Make Deals with Liberals . . .

Full-Throated Attacks on Cruz: “Nobody Likes Cruz”

Trump Says His Sister Would be a Phenomenal Supreme Court Justice . . .

Trump Effusively Praises Bill and Hillary

Ted Cruz delivers mock State of the Union address-His Humor Abounds

Anatomy of a Judicial Murder: Of Beanbags, Unnatural Acts With Sheep, and a Judicial Pardon for a Governor

Infernal Revenue Service

Our Resident Grouser

Our Bald, Eagle-Eyed Resident Guardians

Greatest Rose Bowl Ever: Wisconsin vs. Southern Cal. (1963)

A gilded halo hovering round decay.—Byron

Solemnity of Mary: Ave Maria

For College Friends

Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Should Auld Acquaintance

It Was a Very Good Year

As Time Goes By

The Whiffenpoof Song: Bing Crosby with the Whiffenpoofs

Drop Her on Isis, and the War is Over

The Feast Day of Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury

The Soaring Heights of Political Correctness

The Dumbing Down of America, California Style

A Public Service Message: Kick ‘Em Out

Cruz’s Video Parody of Politicians: Turning Them into Seasonal Characters

Questions for Hillary and Bernie at Tonight’s Debate

The Horror of Surrogate Religions: cats are a substitute for children and skyscrapers for bell towers

Marine Goes to Confession

Cultural Degradation

“Undocumented Democrats” Stream Across U.S. Borders

Rush Limbaugh Calls for Disbanding GOP

Ryan: Fences for Me, but not for Thee

Veteran pollster Pat Caddell: Country Closer to Revolution Than Ever

Ryan, Four-Flusher in the House of Cards

Paul Ryan: Boehner Clone

Breitbart News Censured in Cambridge Mass

SIS Decrees Death to Down’s Syndrome Children

As guns themselves have been banned, so now pictures of guns.

Restroom Etiquette at Marquettigett

One of the Most Moving Photos Ever

Medicaid to Pay for Genital Mutilation

Bye, Bye Christmas; Bye, Bye Thanksgiving

Cher Calls Cruz “Judas”: He Responds with Grace

Sensitive and Caring Students Demand Renaming “Lynch Memorial Hall”

Just Say “No” to Mistletoe

University Bans Christmas Event as “Too Christian” . . .

An Establishment Unhinged

Liberals’ Version of “Fairest Academia”

Freedom of Speech in Academia

The Continuing Attack on Christianity (Part 2)

The Continuing Attack on Christianity

Disney Company Now Smut Purveyor

Fairyland Arrives in Hillary’s Campaign Ads

Head U.S. Vetter Tap Dances at Islamic Soiree

Homeland Security on Guard

Shrinks: Pay Attention

Obama, the Pusi-llanimous

Meet your new Iowa frontrunner: Ted Cruz

Amendment to Suspend Visas to People from Jihadist Countries Defeated 89-10

Fmr. FBI Counterterrorism Agent: ‘Vast Majority’ of US Mosques/Islamic Centers Part of ‘Jihadi Network’

Francis, the Climate Change Shill

Apostate Francis Proclaims God is Mother and Father

Obama’s Top 8 Idiotic Statements in Paris

Cosmo Perverts Pervert Advent

Voices of Moderation: Spike Lee

Obama, the Defiant Leader of the Emiters and Tundra Burners

My Favorite Baby Picture

Fun with Juicy Fruit: A Case Study

An Evel Knievel Leap of Faith into a Grand Canyon of Evidentiary Void

Justice Musmanno and the Case of the Bovine Buccaneers

The Sharpest Conservative Arrows

“Catholic” Pamphlet Softens Islam

Thoughts for Thanksgiving and Always

Variations on Black Lives Matter

Global Warming Caused Hitler

Mohammedanism, the Heresy

An Effete Corp of Impudent Snobs

Sham Pope says Christmas a Sham

Hillary’s Inaugural Gown

White House Honors LGBT ‘Champions of Change’ with Transgender Movie Night

Francis, the Master of Confusion

Bah Humbug

Islam: A Christian heresy, straight out of Hell

Obama, Appeaser Extraordinaire

ABC’s ‘Scandal’ Main Character Undergoes Abortion Set to Hymn ‘Silent Night’ & PP Turns Episode into a Commercial

Pseudo Pope Rejects Just War Doctrine

Circumcision: A Cutting Edge Problem

Obama’s Retirement Destination

A la Boehner, Ryan Blocks Amendments to Refugee Bill

The Huckster’s Solution to the Refugee Problem

Immigration Officials May (Must) Use Religious Tests for Aliens

Paul Ryan: No ‘Religious Test’ for Refugees In House Bill

‘Suicide Bombers Are Not Repeat Offenders’

Obama, the Duplicitous

Sanders: Climate change a bigger threat than terrorism

Obama the Delusional

Pope Benedict Speaks on Radical Islam

Mohamed’s False Religion

Time for Another Crusade

France National Anthem

Suggested Topics for the Moderators for Tonight’s Democratic Debate

Time’s Up, Dump Trump

Of Nattering Nabobs of Negativism and Effete Corps of Impudent Snobs: Yesterday and Today

Memory Lane: Speaker Jim Wright’s 1988 Milwaukee Visit

Law School Malpractice

Our Feckless Liberal “Jurisprudence

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Old Glory Trashed

Robbing Peter to Pay Peter

Ronald Reagan Warned Us 50 Years Ago . . .

Tribute to Ronald & Nancy Reagan by the Beach Boys

God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood

For Vet’s Day

Young Girl Plays Taps as You’ve Never Heard it.

The Chi-Coms are Coming, The Chi-Coms are Coming . . . to Communist Cuba!

Anyone Remember “Mitt, the Self-Proclaimed ‘Severe Conservative’”

More Heresy: Jesus, the Tranny Granny

Obama Endorses Amendment to Include LGBTers in 1964 Civil Rights Act

Jefferson’s First and Second Canons of Constitutional Adjudication

“In war there is no substitute for victory.”

A Tribute to Vets on Veterans’ Day: “Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Fade Away”

Stupid Remarks Collection

Hillary: Don’t Require Former Presidents to Report Their Criminal Convictions

Republicans: Stop Being Wusses and Impeach Obama


Francis, the Wrecking Ball

From Creation to Eternity (7 of 7) (a series)

From Creation to Eternity (6 of 7) (a series)

From Creation to Eternity (5 of 7) (a series)

From Creation to Eternity (4 of 7) (a series)

From Creation to Eternity (3 of 7) (a series)

From Creation to Eternity (2 of 7) (a series)

From Creation to Eternity (1 of 7) (a series)

Our Federal Judiciary at Work

Villains & Heroes of Roe v. Wade

The Moral and Judicial Bankruptcy of Roe

Bernie Sanders: the First Socialist to Run for President?

Edu-crats Embrace Public School Monopoly (To enlarge, press control +)

Liberals (Socialists) Pay Attention: Congress’s Powers Limited to Enumerations Below

Wedding Day February 7. 1983

Suzanne’s Aviary

Increasing Minimum Wage Hurts Minorities (Click Control + to enlarge)

Have the New York Times’ Editors ever Pimp Slapped Hilary?

Ryan, the Costumed Conservative, Votes to Support Budget Deal

Liberalism: Religion of Fools (Control+ to enlarge as needed)

Liberals: In Love with Change for its Own Sake (control + as needed)

Ted Cruz KOs, Flattens CNBC Debate “Moderators”

Boehner’s Hammers his Final Nails into Republican Coffin

“Like many modern Jesuits, Francis often sounds like he loves every religion except his own.”

The Slender Thread on which the 2nd Amendment Hangs

More treachery from Boehner

Queen Mother Bartley with Constitutional Scholar

Chain Saw Chick: The Sainted Suzanne Bartley

Dougie: Boyhood (4) to Manhood (27)

Catholic Life from a By-gone and Far Better Era.

Dusk Sunset in the Boundary Waters Minnesota (Burntside Lake) . . .

RIP Grandfather, G.W. Young (1863-1950) & Sons (Pictured in 1904)

Little Brit, RIP: On a Good Dog

Paul Ryan: A Lousy Choice for Speaker

The Course of Empire: In Five Stages by Thomas Cole (1833-36). Stage 1.

The Course of Empire: In Five Stages by Thomas Cole (1833-36). Stage 2.

The Course of Empire: In Five Stages by Thomas Cole (1833-36). Stage 3

The Course of Empire: In Five Stages by Thomas Cole (1833-36). Stage 4

The Course of Empire: In Five Stages by Thomas Cole (1833-36). Stage 5

Women Cry Foul as Glamour Magazine Names Bruce Jenner ‘Woman of the Year’

The Prophetic Novel about the Horrors of Uncontrolled Population Migration

Modern “Art’s” Latest Outrage: The Stylized, Grotesque Jesus

Daughter Dr. Becky Smith (Click Control + to enlarge)

Cole’s Voyage of Life Paintings Shown as Progression from Childhood to Old Age

The Voyage of Life: Old Age by Thomas Cole (Detail) (Click to Enlarge)

The Voyage of Life: Old Age by Thomas Cole (Click to Enlarge)

The Voyage of Life: Manhood (Detail) by Thomas Cole (Click on picture to enlarge)

The Voyage of Life: Manhood by Thomas Cole (Click to Enlarge)

The Voyage of Life: Youth by Thomas Cole (Click to Enlarge)

The Voyage of Life: Youth by Thomas Cole (Detail) (Click to Enlarge)

The Voyage of Life: Childhood by Thomas Cole (Detail) (Click to Enlarge)

The Voyage of Life: Childhood by Thomas Cole (Click to enlarge)

Glenn Grothman: Our Steadfast Squish

Clouds Along the Cascades

Jeb! the Shuttlecock

Op-Ed Article and Pat Buchanan’s Warm Response

Ryan = Boehner reincarnated

More Democrats Back Paul Ryan For House Speaker

Links to endnotes and footnotes, The Kiss of Judice, Vols. 1-4 (Earlier editions)

“Liberalism . . .

Feminist Pigs hurl glass bottles and feces at the young men standing guard at Argentine Cathedral

Our daughters: Amy & Becky

Sheryl Crow Screeches National Anthem

Confusion over Bernie Sanders

Was Walter Jones prescient in Insisting Speaker Candidates be Vetted?

Our Home Near Ely, Minnesota

My Treatise on the Sacking of the Constitution

Our Church (Basilica) Near Milwaukee

Recent posts that never made it to Facebook

The Terminal Constitution

Third Term for Obama?

Madison vs. Obaman

On Bernie vs. Hillary

Congressman Walter Jones Says All Speaker Candidates Ought be Vetted for Moral Turpitude

Liberals Continue Their Efforts to Drive Out All Vestiges of Religion

Treasury Bills Now Yield 0%

What the Pope Hath Joined, Let Not God Put Asunder

If you have tears prepare to shed them now.—Julius Cæsar

For Speaker of the House

On Democracy

The Most Compelling Case Against Abortion

Rand Paul Attacks Cruz, Sells Out to McConnell

More Child Abuse: Mother Giving Transgender Teen First Hormone Shot

Throwing Condoms at Carly: Another Fun Day with Planned Parenthood

Voting Records of Rumoured or Announced Candidates for House Speaker or Majority Leader

Voting Records of Prominent Republicans: Best and Worst

Gay CBS Reporter Gives Reading at Pope’s Madison Square Garden Mass

Homosexuality is not a life style—it’s a disorder

Seven Ways Pope Francis Slapped Conservatives in the United States

Pope: No word on Abortion or Barbarities of Planned Parenthood

False prophet? Why Pope Francis has disappointed many Roman Catholics

Cruz: A Great Sense of Humor

Liberal McCarthyism

The Moral and Legal Bankruptcy of Abortion

Abortion selfies: How to relive and preserve your glorious event.

Illegality of Selling Human Fetal Tissue

Fanatic “Scientist” Says Jail Climate Skeptics

Obama Guilty of Treason?

Modern transformationisms

PP Pitches Gonads

On the Purpose of the Constitution and Structure of the Federal Government

Court rules that President cannot spend without House appropriation

7th Graders forced to praise Allah

This is my moronic niece’s portrayal of Jesus on a dog’s ass.

F*** Yo Flag Movement Calls For Black Lives Matter Violence On 9/11

Human Maggots

White trash supports execution of Houston cop.

Speaking of pigs, here’s a contender for that title.

Here’s more evidence of the vile slimes trying to build support for taking out cops.

Long past time for McConnell to be forced out. The same for Boehner.

Cultural Millstones: Recruit Children into Transgenderism

PP’s “Fun with feticide” (My title)

National Public Radio Spins Margaret Sanger’s Racism

Is the Pope Catholic?

Walker’s State Financing of Bucks Arena Violates Wisconsin Constitution

Raging “Gender Neutralism” Hits Department Store

Vocabulary Control

A non-nuclear solution to Islamic terrorism:

Jeb: Planned Unparenthood Enabler and Benefactor

Is the Pope Catholic?

Bakers face $135,000 for Refusing to Bake Lesbian Wedding Cake

Report: ISIS Blows Up Baby to Teach Bomb-Making Techniques

The Zenith of Political Correctness

Corporatize Buzz Words

Rep. Meadows: Pray for His Success

More putrid behavior from Planned Parenthood

Horrors in the Labs of the Modern Day Mengeles at PP

Here’s what passes as “art” at the Milwaukee Art Museum

Revisiting Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s warnings to the West

Another outrage: Officials at Arizona AF base reportedly allowing a rainbow colored U.S. flag.

Pseudo-Pope accepts Hammer and Sickle (Communist) Crucifix

“Justice” Kennedy: Loose Cannon on Deck

The Age of the Progressive Era: A Platform for Liberal Socialists from FDR to Obama

The faggotization of American Marine heroes.

Child abuse

Gay Freaks on Parade: Pass the Hemlock

The 14th Amendment Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses have nothing to do with marriage, “gay” or otherwise

(1) Milwaukee Art Museum acquires portrait of Pope Benedict made of condoms. (2) Italian Families Protest Forced Cross-Dressing of Schoolchildren

Anti-Pope Francis adopts global warming fraud as Catholic theology

In no other time has dissoluteness and frivolousness spread so much as it has in ours.

So Rasps the Wicked Witch of Washington: Recusal Anyone?

This week . . .

Back home in Indiana

Best Endorsement Ever Received by a Republican Candidate

“Heather has Two Mommies” Reissued

Gay activist: Of course our goal is to ‘indoctrinate children into LGBTQ agenda’

Vatican hosted feminist conference featuring prof who compares Mass to gay sex

Hillary’s Foreign Slushfund

RIP Stan Evans

Boehner the Caver Shows His Heels Again

Professor Charles Rice, Who ‘Epitomized All That Is Best’ at Notre Dame, Passes Away

Proposed Generic Constitutional Amendments

State-led push to force constitutional convention gains steam, with high-profile Republican support

“IRS to pay back-refunds to illegal immigrants who didn’t pay taxes”

Cultural Millstones: A New Federal Program—Tax-Funded “Gender Therapy”

Rand Paul On The Federal Government: ‘Shut the Damn Thing Down’

Cultural Millstones: “Love Conquers All”

Cultural Millstones: CBS to Create ‘Transgender’ Legal Drama, Starring Laverne Cox

Cultural Millstones: Middle School Students Given Explicit ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Puzzle

New from Brian Williams

Cultural Millstones: Jenner to give Sawyer interview on his “transition”

Cultural Milestones: Puget Sound (1870) painting by Albert Bierstadt

Cultural Millstones: A-Screechin and A-Jiving the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

Obama: The friend of every country but his own

Boehner: House will not support traditional marriage while Supreme Court case is pending

Cardinal Burke: ‘I will resist’ the Pope should he contravene doctrine

Cultural Millstones: Sports Illustrated Swim Cover

Cultural Millstones: Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Grind

Cultural Millstones: Pete Carroll’s lousy 2nd and 1 goal line pass play call . . .

Cultural Millstones: Doug Baldwin Turns Super Bowl into Toilet Bowl . . .

“Bruce Jenner Transitioning To A Woman”

King James given post-mortem sex change operation

“Burn the bitch down” . . 


Equal Protection Clause Does Not Require States to Permit “Gay Marriage”

The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed–Preface

The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed–Precis

The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed–Table of Contents

The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed–Prologue

The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed–Amendments

Supreme Court Decisions Bind Only the Parties to the Case . . .

Table of Contents Vols. 1-4 of The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed

Commerce is Trade in Goods Only and Nothing More

Endnotes Vol. 1, First Edition, The Kiss of Judice (Completed)

Endnotes Vol. 1, Second Edition, The Kiss of Judice (Completed)

Endnotes Vol. 2, The Kiss of Judice (Completed)

Footnotes Vol. 3, The Kiss of Judice, notes 1-999 (In Progress)

Footnotes Vol. 3, The Kiss of Judice fns. 1000-1461

Footnotes Vol. 4, The Kiss of Judice (Completed)

On the “Original” 13th Amendment and Bills of Attainder

Answer to queries on 17th Amendment, 14th Amendment, Commerce Clause & the Roberts Opinion on the Taxing Power

Summary [4 of 4] of Cases Cited in Treatise, ‘The Kiss of Judice: The Constituti

Summary [3 of 4] of Cases Cited in Treatise, ‘The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed’

Summary [2 of 4] of Cases Cited in Treatise, ‘The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed’

Summary [1 of 4] of Cases Analyzed in Treatise, ‘The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed’

Itemization (A-N) and Description of Supreme Court Cases Analyzed in The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed

Itemization (Continued N-Z) and Description of Supreme Court Cases Analyzed in The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed

Of Beanbags, Unnatural Acts with Sheep, and a Judicial Pardon for a Governor

Why Military Men and Women Should Refuse Service in an Unconstitutional Syrian War

The Death of Ronald Coase: One of the Last Great Thinkers

Will Other Republican Wimps Follow Their Leader-Wimp, Boehner, and Vote to Declare War on Syria?

Unpublished Chronicles Comment on Martin v. Hunter

Part 1 of 3: Rediscovering the Unadulterated Constitution and its Natural Rights’ Pedigree

Part 2 of 3: Rediscovering the Unadulterated Constitution and its Natural Rights’ Pedigree

Part 3 of 3: Rediscovering the Unadulterated Constitution and its Natural Rights’ Pedigree

Impeach Justice Kennedy and Excommunicate Him

Christ: “I have come to bring dissension”

Justice Kennedy Reiterates Invention of 5th Amendment Equal Protection Clause

42.6% Price Cut on The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed: A Coroner’s Inquest & Report

How to determine the legitimacy of claimed federal power

The Good America We Once Knew is On Life Support

Justice Kennedy Pimps the Culture of Death

State Laws Permitting Homosexual “Marriage” are Void as a Violation of Natural Law

Gay Marriage: A Feigned Case and a Monumental Dissent on the Merits by Scalia and Thomas, JJ.

Another Sickening Day at the U.S. Supreme Court . . .

Flag Day Memorial

Prologue: The Day the Constitution Died

Précis for Volumes 1-4 The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed: A Coroner’s Inquest & Report

Constitutional Law Hotline: Page for questions, comments, insights, and (I hope) few criticisms

The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed–Table of Contents for Volumes 1-4

Volume 3: The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed. (Just published)

Radio broadcast on my book, The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed

Preface to The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed: A Coroner’s Inquest & Report (Vol. 1)

Best books and links on the real, unadulterated Constitution

Treatise on Constitution Dedicated to Dr. Ron Paul

The Kiss of Judice: Updates and Errata

A Writer’s Prayer Adapted From . . .

A Confusion of Tongues at the Supre

Pope pre-approved anti-Catholic Report

The Proofs of God’s Existence

Most Politically-Incorrect Epistle of the Year . . .

December 27—Feast of St. John, Apostle and Evangelist

A Christmas Verse

Cardinal Burke vindicated by 20,000 petitioners

Pope again shows his liberal stripes

“Gay Marriage” . . .

The Culture of Relativism–A Snippet

THE PROOF OF GOD’S EXISTENCE & Other Verses on Reason & Faith


Feast of Saint Thomas Becket, Martyr

The Slaughter of the Holy Innocents

Saint Stephen: First Christian Martyr

A Christmas Verse

“Don’t give what is holy to dogs.”

Judge’s ruling puts polygamy on the way to legal recognition

Francis Dumps Cardinal Burke from Congregation for Bishops

President Obama is “Hugely Impressed” with Francis

Gag Alert: Dolan Disses Benedict, Casts Francis as ‘Relief Pitcher’ and ‘Breath of Fresh Air’

Cardinal Burke: Nancy Pelosi ‘must’ be denied Communion

Dolan: “Every Day I say, [Francis] is batting 1,000.

Francis the Latitudinarian Pope: Wormwood Captures Rome

Proof of the syndrome of Paraskevidekatriaphobia: Pope Francis reaches out to atheists and agnostics

When Life Begins

Pope Condemns Abortion…in 1588

Francis Denigrates the Latin Mass

A Shifty Character

The Bishops, a-Grooving and a-Jiving

Francis Appoints Vatican Gay Lobbyist

Jesuit Priest Celebrates Homosexuality

Priest Pedophilia is Almost All Homosexually-Driven

No More Platitudes

Pope Francis: Silence on U.S. “Gay Marriage” Rulings

Pseudo Marriage

Abortion: Compromise with Evil is of Itself Evil

On Evangelium Vitae Day, Francis Utters Nary a Word on the Crime of Abortion. Suppressing the Encyclical?

Canned from Rorate Caeli. Series of E-Mails Below

Time for Church to Pull Pelosi’s Ticket

Vicissitudes of Trying to Post at Rorate Caeli

Francis Tosses a Rope of Sand to the Faithful

The Man Who Should Have Been Made Pope: Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke

Anchors Away/Eternal Father

“Is the Pope Catholic?”

Socialism: “Deadly Plague”—Pope Leo XIII

Log of Trashed Comments

Methodist Ordinations at the Catholic Altar: ‘Sink and Common Sewer of all Errours’?

Trouble Again at Rorate Caeli

More Contradiction from Francis

Francis Misstates More Church Doctrine

Drivel from an Ignorant Cardinal

Francis Deplores The Church Triumphant

Most Evocative Anti-Abortion Verses

Did Cardinal Dolan Violate Church Law?


Rorate Caeli: No Longer an Oasis for Thirsty Traditionalists

Francis: Loose Canon

Francis and the Scourge of Doublespeak

A Papal Call for a Rebirth of Liberation Theology? A Whiff of Grapeshot?

Francis Takes “Credit” for Restoring Pentecostalism and the Cool Jive in Mass

The Church Militant–Let’s not Soften Her Message

Anglicanism—The Religion Born of Adultery

Escape from the Prison of “I”

The Sacred Heart of Jesus . . . Two Sermons by Mgsr. Ronald Knox

The Tempests Brewing in the Vatican

Carrying coals to Newcastle

Obamaism + Dolanism = Gosnellism

Dolan Says Church Should Be More Welcoming of Gays

Verses on the Creed and Christ’s Ransom of Mankind

The Proof of God’s Existence: & Other Verses on Reason & Faith

On birth control . . .

Holy Mother of Mercy, Save Our Faith

Extreme Humility? Display? Ostentation?

St. Edmund Campion, “In these dark times, may he avail us”, by Msgr. Knox

Excerpts from Parochial and Plain Sermons, By Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman

A mackeral rotting in the moonlight

Francis: Atheists . . . can be “precious allies” . . .

Francis, the Protean Pope, bows to Mugabe, kisses feet of prisoners

Pope Francis, the protean Pope, spoke of being ‘dazzled’ by girl, possible change of celibacy rule

Three dishearting news reports on Francis, the Protean Pope

The Proof of God’s Existence: & Other Verses on Reason & Faith

Whoa! Uno Momento? Liturgical Aberations of New Pope! October 15, 2011.

The Vanity of Human Wishes

Habemus Papam

Facing Torture and Death Nobly—The Courage of Sts. More and Fisher.

Fifth & Sixth Decalogues of Real Manhood

Second, Third, & Fourth Decalogues of Real Manhood

The Decalogue of Real Manhood

The Impossibility of Homosexual Marriage

The coming pandemic of “gay marriage”

Quo Vadis?

The Epidemic of “Gay Marriage”

Credo: Volume 1: God & Creation

British Officials Oppose Right to Wear Crucifix at Work

A Writer’s Prayer, by Judge Bartley

A Writer’s Prayer Adapted From . . .

A Writer’s Prayer

Happy 300th Birthday, Dr. Johnson, Anglican Defender of the (Catholic) Faith

Escape from the Prison of “I”

The Principles of Natural Law Never Change

 Publicly-Funded Arena to plague Governor Walker

Another Gem from Ted Cruz

America’s Most Forthright (and Politically-Incorrect) Lawman . . .

The Proofs of God’s Existence

People of N.Y. and elsewhere

Classic jokes about lawyers

“Burn the bitch down” . . .

Impeachment: Only Effective Remedy

Will Republicans once again wimp out?

Constitutional Provisions on Obama’s Executive Order Granting Amnesty for Illegals

 Scott Walker for President

RIP Phil Crane, the Conservatives’ Conservative

Bankrupt for many years now, the U.S. Government continues along the primrose path

Nolle prosequi

The Death of Ronald Coase: One of the Last Great Thinkers

Roe v. Wade: Worst decision ever

Nature of government and elections

Federal Flood Insurance Unconstitutional?

Bad political news of the day

Now is the time for all real Republicans to become 3rd party tertium quids

Time for McCain et al to Caucus with the Democrats

The meaning of ‘necessary’; the meaning of ‘proper’

Mackerel Rotting in the Moonlight?

“Perfidious Agents Who Dare Violate the Constitution” = Obama, Biden, Romney, & Ryan

Dump Romney Pronto


Shoot If You Must this Old Gray Head . . . . . But Spare Your Country’s Flag

Stolen Valour Act: Unconstitutional because not an enumerated federal crime

Chief Justice John Roberts and the Affordable Health Care Act: Both Anathema to the Constitution

Endorsing evil is of itself evil

Tommy G. Thompson & the Anatomy of a Political Murder

Tommy G. Thompson: An Extraordinarily Mediocre Man . . .

FDR makes U.S. a collection agency for Stalin

The curtain falls on the Ron Paul campaign and other depressing thoughts

Romney et al: Men of their most recent word

Torturing the “Necessary and Proper” Clause-Part 2

The Louisiana Purchase was Constitutional

Torturing the “Necessary and Proper” Clause

How to understand the Constitution

The United States are not a nation, but a federation of nation states (Parts 1 & 2)

The gracious, the noble Dr. Ron Paul wants to save the Republican Party

A treasury of Jefferson quotes on the Constitution

The mystery of the two 13th Amendments

Are taxes involuntary servitude?

The Supreme Court has no appellate jurisdiction over state courts

Frothingham v. Mellon and other cases denying taxpayer standing are unconstitutional

The Libertarian Constitution trumps Libertarian theory–whether on flag burning or other matters

Wisconsin Court of Appeals’ ruling that American Flag may be used as toilet paper

Supreme Court’s Decision Allowing Minors to Buy Violent Video Games is Unconstitutional

Old Glory, R.I.P.

Roe v. Wade: Worst decision ever

The impossibility of striking down Obamacare without first reversing many, many, ignorant supreme court decisions

What is an impeachable offense?

The U.S. issuance of paper money is unconstitutional

Hamilton: the False Federalist

How the federal banksters got their foothold

Hamilton’s opinion supporting the National Bank is unconstitutional–the debate with Mr. Jefferson

Mr. Jefferson’s opinion on the constitutionality of a national bank (1791)

The argument that ObamaCare is a valid exercise of the Federal Commerce Power is preposterous.

Common error is never law, even when repeated many times

The 14th Amendment “Incorporation Cases” Violate the 10th and are Unconstitutional

Employers’ Federal Withholding Tax Duties are Unconstitutional

As to Employees, Federal Withholding Taxes are Unconstitutional

America’s Premier Welfare Queen: Bud Selig, Commissioner of Baseball

The Modern Solution to Clearing Out Backlogs in Court Calenders

The Court’s Assault on Contract

The Legal Tender (Paper Money) Cases are Unconstitutional

The Federal Government’s Ownership of “National Parks” and the Like is Unconstitutional

Can validly-enacted constitutional amendments ever be unconstitutional?

How to determine the legitimacy of claimed federal power

The Supreme Court: “A subtle corps of sappers and miners . . . .”— Mr. Jefferson

Fun, Fun, Fun: Sue Sues the United States for Tax Overcollections

The Principles of Natural Law Never Change

Splendid article on the Constitution in The American Conservative

Synopsis of Federal Judicial Power

Tightrope of RINO half-truths (click control + to enlarge)

The Meaning of “All Men are Created Equal”

The Ultimate Tax Protest

Best Supreme Court Justice?

Modern Republican Motto

The Last Real Republican and His Supernatural “Super-Pac”

5th, 9th, & 14th Amendments of the Constitution, by Themselves, Protect Unborn Life

How the Media (Dis)counts Ron Paul Votes

Why are there so many (save one) bad candidates?

Benton’s announcement [“no third party run”] takes away Dr. Paul’s leverage . . .

Mitt, the Severe Conservative

Twenty Worst Imposter-Republicans of the 20th Century

Why Few Lawyers Know Much About the Constitution

Who says the end of Civilization isn’t near? It’s here

Imperium in Imperio–The Old Republic–Gone for Good

Doctor vs. Colossus

“Constitutional” Apostasy

Red Ink Catastrophe

Rick’s and Arlen’s Love Affair

Duty of Interposition–a Synopsis of Madison’s Report of 1799 on the Virginia Resolutions

The most compelling news of the day

The Man Who Anticipated Ron Paul

Ron Paul Wins Debate Olympics

Federal Commerce Power: Leviathan’s Dragnet

Alabama Supreme Court Rejects Roe v. Wade

How Long Until Indiana Girl Scouts Begin Selling Condoms instead of Cookies?

Time to end Republican campaign and get third party movement underway?

Alabama Supreme Court defies U.S. Supreme Court

Good Men are Always Being Sacked

Error in “Synopsis of Federal Judicial Power – Notes to Table”

Synopsis of Federal Judicial Power

Madison’s Report of 1799 on the Virginia Resolutions (With Synopsis)

Any presidential action to evade the debt ceiling would be unconstitutional

The Gold Clause Cases are Unconstitutional

“What the constitution ought to be is not a proper argument to be addressed either to this or the United States’ court—What it is, is the present inquiry.”—Mr. Williams for Virginia

The U.S. Supreme Court Has No More Jurisdiction Over State Courts Than It Has Over the Courts of Calcutta-Judge Spenser Roane

Torturing Jeffersonian Ideal of Religious Liberty (longer version)

Shoot If You Must this Old Gray Head . . .

Liberals Torture Jefferson’s Views on Religious Freedom

Worst Court Decisions Series: Example 1 Wisconsin Supreme Court: The American Flag can be Used as Toilet Paper!

Remembering Marybeth d/o/d 1983

Most Penetrating Comment on the Kennedy Funeral . . .

Most Deeply Ironic Comment on the Kennedy Funeral.

“All wonder is the effect of novelty upon ignorance.—Johnson”

“The United States are not a nation.” A conversation with the original pastoral republicans.

Twenty Worst Imposter-Republicans of the 20th Century.

The General Welfare Clause: How a Constitutional Restraint Was Transformed Into a Constitutional Power.


The Terminal Constitution

Law School Daze

What have you given us, Dr. Franklin?

Special for Taxpayers: The Court of No Resort

“The Other Enviromental Catastrophe”

Mom’s Home-Grown Wheat Bread Sucked into Interstate Commerce Jetstream

Wisconsin’s Most-Elegant Welfare Queen

The Anomalies of “Constitutional Law”

The “Sick Chicken” Caper

Arizona: Render to Caesar No More

Blast from the Past: 2008 Tommies

Supreme Court to Taxpayers: “You have no leg to stand on.”

Zeno’s Flying Arrow Paradox: Will Dr. Paul’s Arrow Move to its Target

Robbing Peter to Pay Peter

Roe v. Wade: Villains and Heroes

Will Dr. Paul win Ann Coulter’s Vote in 2012?

How Ron Paul Won Yucca County in 2008

McCain reaches across the aisle

Neo-Con Carrion Feast

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